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December 24th, 2007

05:15 pm - pad thoughts
It's weird how excited I get when I order new pads (and when they arrive!) A few weeks ago I ordered 4 pads and it was so excited when they arrive. I don't get like that when I get a new shirt or anyother clothing. One pad wasn't exactly what I expected, but I gifted it to someone in a swap I'm in (she does diy-pads too and I thought she'd like the color more than I did) so that's ok. 

I've got a bunch of pads that I've bought but don't use and it seems like a waste of money - and space - to have them but not use them. I don't mind having more than I need because that way I can keep a bunch at work and not worry about running out at home, or just spreading out the wear&tear by not using the same pads every month.  

The pads I don't use are ok for lighter days, but they're too short to feel 'safe'. I have the waterproof barrier pads so that's not a problem anymore. One pad I don't the look of and one's an envelope/insert style and the envelope is bulky even when it's empty. The ones I made when I first started with cloth I don't use either, but I'm not sure why. 

I'm thinking of making new pads using the ones I don't use as the insides. I need to figure out why I don't use the other pads I made though, I don't want to make a bunch more and not use those either. 

And I just ordered one more pad today, and I'm thinking of ordering another. Cloth may not be cheaper than disposables, but they're definitely more fun.

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June 20th, 2007

06:32 pm - how to make a foldable all-in-one cloth pad

I hand sew, so the instructions are for hand sewing, so adjust if you need to if you machine sew.

Make the foldable part  - 
Decide on the finished length & width you want. 

fabric for top & bottom (I use flannel) Cut two pieces (one top, one bottom), the length you want plus 1/2 inch (1.5cm) and THREE TIMES the width plus 1/2 inch (1.5 cm). The 'extra' 1/2 inch (1.5cm) is the seam allowance. 
DO NOT PUT WATERPROOF FABRIC IN THIS PART OF THE FOLDABLE PAD!! (it'll be attached later, if you use any)

fabric for 'filling' (I use 1 layer of terry cloth) Cut as many pieces as you want (one piece ends up being 3 layers) the length you want and the THREE TIMES the width. There is NO seam allowance on this piece. 

Whipstitch, or lightly sew, the filling to the WRONG side of the bottom piece. Center the filling so it's 'inside' the seam allowance.

Holding the top & bottom pieces with RIGHT side together, sew the two pieces together - do NOT catch the filling in the seam allows as you sew. You should be sewing ONLY the top & bottom pieces. Leave an opening so you can it inside out (so the right sides are now outside) and sew the opening closed. 

Decide where you want the wings - 

Fold the piece you just made in thirds so it's the length & width you want. (the two sides fold toward the center.) Depending on how thick the filling is, it may fold better if it's slightly uneven - say it's 6" wide and you want it 3" folded - instead of folding it so it's 3 sections of 2" each, it may fold better if one side fold is 1.5" and the other side folds over it at 2.5" (the center is 2", but not exactly  in the center)

Put a pin at each side fold so you know where to put the wings. Put a 3rd pin in between these 2 pins to find the center. 

If you want to put any waterproof fabric, put it underneath the pad, between the pad & wings (or wherever makes sense when you look at the pad!)

Wings - 
Cut the wing fabric (I use 2 pieces of flannel sewn together, 1 piece is too 'floppy' for me) - 3" high by 7" long - or adjust if you want different size wing. I round off the corners when I sew the pieces together.

Find the center of the wing and pin it to the center of the foldable part (the 3rd pin). Sew the wing to the pad. I sew along the top & bottom of the wing from one side fold to the other (the first 2 pins) and then sew 2 lins from the top to the bottom of the wing where the side fold lines are. Attach whatever wing closure you like.


Wing options

Instead of wings just 3" wide, make them the length & width of the folded pad plus wings. It'll give you one more layer of fabric too.

Cut the wings wide & long enough to fit on top of the foldable part. Make sure when you sew the wing to the foldable part, the seam's not in an um, uncomfortable, place.  (The opening of the fold  will be underneath so you have to undo the wings to see how full the pad is.

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